Rave About It: Glowing Neon Color by Manic Panic

by Victoria Wurdinger | April 28, 2017
This look is called "nonconformist neon." Manic Panic
This look is called "nonconformist neon."Manic Panic

A neon Manic Panic look that also glows under blacklight. Inspired by every woman breaking the rules in this world.

Natural level 5
Formula 1: Schwarzkopf igora bleach with 30% ratio 2:1 + Innoluxe step 1 in colour treatment
Formula 2: Manic Panic Professional Red Velvet + Innoluxe step 2
Formula 3: Manic Panic Professional Pussycat Pink + Innoluxe step 2
Formula 4: Manic Panic Colour creme Electric Banana + Innoluxe step 2

1. Apply a platinum card through-out using Formula 1. Process 45 minutes. Rinse with shampoo, no conditioner. Dry to 80%.
2. Starting at the nape and working up, apply Formula 2 melting into Formula 3.
3. At the top layer apply Formula 2 then 4 and then into 3 in a clean block pattern, not melting into each other.
4. At the fringe, apply Formula 3 at the base and use Formula 4 through ends.
5. Process 30 minutes. Rinse in cold water, no shampoo. Dry and style.

Color, style and photography: Charlotte Mckenna
Makeup: Claire Reed

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