Lakme's red formula was made for the spotlight.
Lakme's red formula was made for the spotlight.Lakme

The inspiration for this Lakme look was a performer on stage in the spotlight. When creating it, imagine that same spotlight being used to emphasize the shape of the cut.

Natural level 5
Formula 1: 1 oz 6.59+ Lakme Collage with 1½ oz Hydrox 20-volume developer
Formula 2: ¾ oz 0/95 Red Motion + ¼ oz 6/59+ Collage with 1½ oz 30-volume developer
Formula 3: 1 oz 6.59 + Collage + ½ oz 0/95 Red Motion with 2¼ oz 20-volume developer
1. Apply Formula 1 to the base and extend to 1½ inches from the scalp.
2. Carve out spotlights, choosing the panel you want the focus on, and apply Formula 2. Isolate the panel with foil. Wider sections work best.
3. Apply Formula 3 on the remaining hair from the base color to ends; then process 35 minutes. Rinse and remove all of the base color first, while spotlight panels are still in foils. Then rinse the spotlight foils. Shampoo and condition.

Color and style: Wendy Bond for Lakme USA
Photographer: Chris Giesen
Makeup: Kathrine Osoria

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