GKhair CEO & Founder Van Tibolli
GKhair CEO & Founder Van Tibolli

GKhair Founder and CEO Van Tibolli celebrated 10 years since the brand’s founding with a Caribbean cruise to Turks and Caicos with a group of 148 top distributors and an international team of educators.

Tibolli sat down with MODERN while on the high seas to talk about the innovations from GKhair in the past 10 years and what we can expect from the brand in the future.

MS: What’s been GKhair’s most exciting innovation in the past 10 years?
VT: There are two very interesting things. One of them is when we launched Juvexin, which is an anti-aging protein blend, and the second one was about two years ago when we launched the GKhair Juvexin Cream Color. So the Cream Color gets us not only in the smoothing category and hair products but also in professional hair color.

MS: Why is it important to GKhair to have a global presence?
VT: We have a very international team that resides in 11 different countries, so they can serve people in their own languages. If one of our distributors or salon owners speak Russian, they can talk to people in Russian in their own time zone and with their own way of doing business. We can’t expect to understand how people do business in their own countries, so we find amazing salespeople or educators who work in that country, and those change agents and salespeople can talk to the salons or distributors in their own style. That way, we do the proper research on how business is actually handled in that country. We are able to understand the importing in those countries. All the rules are different, and that’s the way I found most successful for us to follow.

MS: You’ve just launched tibolli.net, an e-commerce site. How will this platform keep GKhair at the forefront of e-commerce?
VT: What’s happening right now is that there are more people buying online. A lot of times, people don’t want to wait for sales reps to come to the salon or wait for a distributor to call them. They want everything at their fingertips. Beauty professionals are browsing the internet and going on different websites searching education, searching what products they want to get into next and searching the product that they find to be the very best. Once they find it, they don’t want to wait for a week to be able to get ahold of that product. They want it right now.

We have developed a platform that allows people to do that. They will be able to still work with the sales rep that they have. They will be able to connect and ultimately have the product shipped from the distributors that they work with that own that territory. However, it can be done in the middle of the night if they want.

MS: What can we expect from GKhair in the next 10 years?
VT: I believe that we still have to have the best technology in our hair products, however we have to really get behind developing the most advanced software technology necessary to maintain a business. We want to help our salons and our instructors to achieve these results; we want them to have the most updated technology available in the industry, and we’ll be providing them this platform for them to be successful and make their sales successful as well.


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