Pink facets by ColorDesign.
Pink facets by ColorDesign.

Inspiration for this ColorDesign technique is drawn from the icy tones of pink diamonds with a subtle hint of warmth.

Natural level 7
Formula 1: 30 g ColorDesign Violet powder lightener with 45 g ColorDesign 7-volume developer
Formula 2: 25 g ColorDesign Fun&Glam Candy Pink + 25 g ColorDesign Fun&Glam White Diamond
Formula 3: 25 g ColorDesign Fun&Glam White Diamond + 25 g ColorDesign Fun&Glam Clear Gloss

1. Pre-lighten hair to a level 9, apply to midlengths first using Formula. Once lifted to a level 8, apply Formula 1 to base and ends.
2. Shampoo with ColorDesign Reconstruction Shampoo and Oil to prep the hair for application of ColorDesign Fun&Glam colors.
3. Apply Formula 2 to base.
4. Melt Formula 3 into Formula 2 on midlengths and ends. Pull Formula 2 through the ends on a few isolated pieces for interest.
5. Shampoo with ColorDesign Reconstruction Shampoo, Oil, and Reconstruction Mask.

Color: Amber Hope Robertson for ColorDesign
Photographer: Elsy Aumann

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