We polled Healthy Hairdresser's Advisory council and asked: "How can team efforts toward fundraising or awareness of medical/social issues benefit a salon culture or the industry in general?"

“When you bring teams together to do something bigger than themselves, it grows an amazing bond within the salon. Stylists become a force in serving both clients and the greater good.” —NICK STENSON, chief creative director, Ulta Beauty

“So many salon owners are looking for ways to motivate their teams. Getting together to choose a cause and bring awareness to it elevates teamwork, allows for leadership development of team members, lets clients get involved in a meaningful way and builds relationships with like-minded business owners.” —ANNA MANUKYAN, assistant VP education, Matrix

“Having a clear understanding of what you stand for enables you to attract like-minded people to your salon culture. Fundraising brings a team together for a common cause. The more we learn about medical and social issues, the more we become professionally relevant to our guests and show them that we truly have the guest’s best interest in mind.” —LARRY SILVESTRI, president, Cosmetologists Chicago

“A unified effort can impact a salon culture tremendously, and social media adds to that. We’re in the greatest industry in the world; it gives us the ability to change lives every single day. When we choose to combine our energies and efforts and work together toward the common goal of positive change, we’re unstoppable.” —MISSY PETERSON, professional global creative manager, Malibu C

“CosmoProf President Mark Spinks is the 2017 honoree for the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award, and the experience has been so meaningful for our team. It enriches the team to support the treatment and research that City of Hope conducts on cancer and diabetes, diseases that impact so many within the beauty profession.” —RACHEL JUD, senior director of marketing, CosmoProf

“A company’s charitable efforts provide a way for stylists to be part of something bigger that they couldn’t do on their own. Our blood drives and events for various groups let them get involved in programs on a national level. Hairdressers love opportunities to give back. We use it in recruiting materials because it appeals to applicants.” —JULIE VARGAS, senior director of career opportunities, Sport Clips

“From Pivot Point’s extensive research on beauty learners, we know young professionals prefer to be part of a salon team that also works for something with a higher purpose. Getting involved in charitable programs provides a win/win/win—for the salon business, for each team member and, of course, for the cause that benefits from the efforts.” —PAUL SUTTLES, senior director of education implementation, North America, Pivot Point

“If a stylist is having health issues or has a child in need, the Sola stylists support each other just as a team in a bigger salon might—even throwing fundraisers that engage the local community. It’s imperative for everyone to feel the support of the community to get through difficult times.” —JENNIE WOLFF, vice president of marketing and education, Sola

“A business leader engages the team to set values and commitments. When professionals see the value of their participation, they aspire to be their best.” —LYNELLE LYNCH, president, Beauty Changes Lives

“I encourage salons to become more supportive of their immediate communities and to help raise awareness for medical/social issues. A routine salon visit can become an enlightening experience for guests. They can learn about social, medical and/or local issues that they can support with time or money.” —DALAL MOUSSA, CEO Obliphica Professional

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