Pomp and circumstance look by L'anza.
Pomp and circumstance look by L'anza.

This L’anza color exaggerates a traditional glaze to bring life to this icy-blonde look.

Natural level 6
Formula 1: 30 g L’anza Healing Haircolor Cream Decolorizer with 30 g 20-volume Healing Cream Developer
Formula 2: 1 g B Mix + 34 g 100 Ultra Blonde Booster with 70 g Demi Healing Developer.

1. Apply Formula 1 all over and process 45 minutes or until you reach a level 9/10. Rinse, cleanse, and condition. Then perform an Ultimate Treatment Service with equal parts strength and moisture.
2. Apply Formula 2 to all the hair and process 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition.

Hair: L’anza Global Creative Team—Matt Swinney, Leah Freeman, Ammon Carver, Natasja Keijzer
Assistants: Mark Dolan, Catlin Weston
Photographer: Richard Monsieurs
Makeup: Angelia Senevisai

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