This color keeps it cool.
This color keeps it cool.

The Aveda formula represents the delicate shades of ash, blue and silvery violet that sparkle when the sun hits falling snowflakes.

Natural level 3
Formula 1: 1 scoop Enlightener Powder Lightener + 30 g Enlightener Creme Booster with 60 ml 20-volume Color Catalyst
Formula 2: Full Spectrum Deep Extra Lift and Deposit Creme Color for Dark Hair, 15 g 9N + 15 g Universal ØN + 2 g Dark G/B + 1 g Dark N/N with 30 ml 5-volume Color Catalyst (creates matte ash blonde)
Formula 3: 40 g Universal ØN + 1 g 2N + 2 g Light N/N + 1g Dark G/B with 40 ml 5-volume Color Catalyst (creates light matte ash blonde)
Formula 4a: 20 g Universal ØN + ½ g 2N + 1 g Dark G/B with 40 g 10-volume Color Catalyst (for gray ends)
Formula 4b: 20 g Universal ØN + 1 Light B/V + ½ g 2N + 1 g Light R/V with 40 ml 5-volume Color Catalyst (for pastel violet midlengths)
Formula 4c: 10 g Universal ØN + ½ g 2N + 1 g Dark G/B with 20 g 5-volume Color Catalyst (for blue midlengths)
Formula 4d: 10 g 2N with 20 g 10-volume Color Catalyst (for the base)

1. Apply Formula 1 to all the hair to pre-lighten. Process until you reach pale yellow. Rinse, shampoo, condition and blow-dry completely.
2. Divide the hair into three sections, as follows: Section 3: Starting at the forehead, take the top layer of the hair (with a maximum width of four inches), going back to the point of distribution. Clip away for control. Section 2: Starting at the temples, create a large zigzag pattern that follows along the parietal, below the crown and around to the other side. The result is a large four-pointed star around section 3. Clip this section away for control. All the remaining loose hair is Section 1.
3. Starting with Section 1, apply Formula 2 from base to ends
4. Immediately apply Formula 3 to Section 2, from base to ends.
5. Divide Section 3 into left and right halves, using a zigzag parting. Apply Formulas 4a-4d, using a color-melting technique in foils. Work from the bottom of each subsection upward. Start at the ends with Formula 4a, melt in Formula 4b at the midlengths, melt in Formula 4c at the midlengths and melt in Formula 4d at the base.
6. Process 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

Color, cut, style: Daryl Cheong Kok Weng, Urban Hair by Ginrich, Singapore, Malaysia
Photographer: Courtesy of Aveda

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