The perfect pink color by Paul Mitchell.
The perfect pink color by Paul Mitchell.

Created with demi color, Paul Mitchell’s Blushing Berry is strawberry-kissed with shine. When you add prelightening or dilute shades by adding clear to the formula, customization is unlimited.

Natural level 7
Formula 1: Paul Mitchell SynchroLift with 20-volume Paul Mitchell Cream
Formula 2: The Demi, 1 oz Clear + ¼ oz 6R with 1¼ oz Paul Mitchell
Processing Liquid
Formula 3: 2 oz 6G with 2 oz Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid
1. Section out an off-center rectangle on top, two diagonal ones at each side and two circular shapes behind each ear. Pre-lighten these areas with Formula 1.
2. Process until you reach level 10. Then rinse, shampoo and condition.
3. Dry the hair and re-section the pre-lightened areas.
4. Apply Formula 2 to all pre-lightened areas and secure in foils.
5. Apply Formula 3 to all the remaining hair. Process 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition.

Color and style: Paul Mitchell Artistic Team
Photographer: Philippe Salomon
Makeup: Fiona Styles

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