This hair is FIRE!
This hair is FIRE!

Celeb Luxury’s Colorwash adds color to hair while cleansing and stops visible color washout and fade. The new Colorbrain Custom Colorwash Mix arms colorists with the tools to send clients home with customized formulations to keep color fresh until their next color service.

Colorwash 1: Viral Extreme Hot Pink Colorwash
Colorwash 2: Viral Extreme Red Colorwash
Colorwash 3: Orange Addition custom mix: 7 parts Viral Extreme Yellow + 1 part Viral Extreme Red

1. Prelighten the hair to the palest yellow. Wash with Moisturewash and dry hair completely.
2. Apply Formula 1 from scalp to ⅓ down with color brush.
3. Apply Formula 2 on center ⅓ blending edges with Formula 1 using the color brush.
4. Apply Formula 3 to last ⅓, blending edges to create a fiery mix. Process 20 minutes, splash with warm water and gently emulsify Colorwash, avoid blending the colors together. With strong water pressure, rinse until water runs completely clear.
5. Follow with Blonditioner and Extreme Smoothing Styler.

Hair: Stephanie LeBlanc, Salon SK in Covington, Louisiana

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