This sophisticated and rebellious look plays with a disconnection of solids and brights. It uses a Z.One “Reflection” technique, in which the base and ends are colored to mirror one another, and a “Touch & Blend” technique, in which color is applied at the base and is then blended down.

Hair was pre-lightened to level 9
Formula 1: milk_shake smoothies semi-permanent color, 35 g pearl + 5 g silver with 60 g
milk_shake smoothies activating emulsion
Formula 2: milk_shake direct color, 35 g clear + 10 g silver + 5 g blue + 5 g gray

1. Part hair centrally and with an intersecting line. Isolate the fringe. Then isolate an external area from the occipital to hairline, all the way around the head. Create a separation in the internal area at the parietal ridge, all the way around the head. Create 10 sections in total.
2. Apply Formula 1 to the entire external section of the squares, from base to ends. This will neutralize the slightly warm tone of the pre-lightened hair by adding coolness. Then isolate this external section, using Professional Haircoloring Film.
3. Start on the left-hand side of the squares, and part off the first strand horizontally. Then apply Formula 2 from the base to 1½ inches out.
4. Use the same formula on the ends. Using a brush, move upward from the ends, about 1½ inches. This is the Reflection technique. Isolate with Professional Haircoloring Film.
5. Proceed up to the crown line, continuing the Reflection technique to create color tones on the base and ends.
6. Now, apply Formula 2 on the base of the inner section of the squares. Work to about 1½ inches out, using the Touch and Blend technique. Then apply the formula from 1½ inches out to the ends.
7. Next, separate the first strand horizontally from the first section in the fringe area, and color the base and ends, using Formula 2 and the Reflection technique.
8. Blend the color gently from the ends, keeping the brush vertical. Then isolate the strand with Professional Haircoloring Film.
9. Complete the fringe area, coloring the last two strands by using Formula 1 and the Touch & Blend technique. Process 20-30 minutes, depending on the desired intensity.

Color: Maurizio Velotti
Style: Rocco Longobardi
Photographer: Kamil Strudzinski
Makeup: Mary Cesardi

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