The most delicious buttery blonde!
The most delicious buttery blonde!

Team Alfaparf says make blondes intriguing by bringing out the authentic beauty that lies beneath the superfluous.

Natural level 7
Formula 1: 1 oz 11.32 Evolution of the Color3 + 1 g (2 pumps) .13 Pigments + 1 g (2 pumps) .4 Pigments with 2 oz Oxid’o 40 volume
Formula 2: 1 oz 8.23 Evolution of the Color3 + 2½ g (5 pumps).1 Pigments with 1½ oz Oxid’o 40 volume
Formula 3: ½ oz 7.1 Evolution of the Color3 + ½ oz 7.21 Evolution of the Color + 1g (2 pumps) .32 Pigments with 1½ oz Oxid’o 30 volume
Formula 4: Equipment Supermeches+ with Oxid’o 30 volume
Formula 5: 1 oz .02 Evolution of the Color3 Harmonizers + 3 g (6 pumps) .21 Pigments with 2 oz Oxid’o 10 volume

1. Divide hair into three sections. Facing the back, create a sideways teardrop. The point should occur at the middle of the right ear, and the width should move toward the occipital bone of the left side. The teardrop is section C. Section A is in front of Section C and Section B is the remaining hair in the back and at the bottom. (Both Sections A and B will automatically be created once you’ve created Section C.)
2. Apply Formula 1 to Section A. Use foils to isolate hair.
3. Apply Formula 2 to Section B. Isolate with foils, then apply Formula 3 to Section C. Once processing is near completion, blend the formula in each of the three sections to the base. Process 35 minutes. Rinse and dry.
4. Now, create a new triangular Section D, on the top of the head. Taking diagonal subsections, apply Formula 4 in foiled slices throughout this section. When foiling is complete, work freehand in-between some of the foils, applying Formula 4. Paint the hair between the first four foils that are closest to the face. Leave one section uncolored, then repeat the application in-between every second foil in the remaining foils. This builds the intensity of the color gradually, from the back to the front. Process 30 minutes.
5. Tone Section D, using Formula 5. Process 20 minutes.

Color: Vivica Davies
Style: Mimmo Laserra and Alessandro Fratini
Photographer: Paolo Simi
Makeup: Agenzia Atomo Management (Luciano Chiarello)

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