American Man: Meet American Crew All-Star Finalist Roberto Dallo, Representing Spain

The American Crew All-Star Challenge highlights the outstanding world class talents in men’s grooming. The competition combines the art and science of men’s grooming and creating authentic style – the cut, the model and the photograph – to deliver the ultimate interpretation of the American Crew man.

Fifteen finalists recently competed in Brussels with two days of competition photo shoots on May 4 and 5, during which each cut and styled their model, then worked with American Crew Founder David Raccuglia to shoot and select the photo that would represent their final look. Adam Mir of the UK was announced as the American Crew 2016-2017 All-Star Challenge Global Winner on May 8th in a joint event with Revlon Style Masters.

Meet the Spanish finalist, Roberto Dallo: 

Describe your professional career path.

When I was little, a neighbor took care of me – she was like a second mother to me. She had her salon in her house and from there something inside me started to grow. I have been working in male hairdressing for 30 years now, 20 of which with my own salon.

Do you have any influences from your life that motivate and inspire you artistically?

Many! Especially other colleagues within this profession. Everyone brings me something. I also find motivation from fashion magazines, social networks, courses and fairs.

What are your grooming must-haves and favorite American Crew™ products?

Forming Cream, Fiber, Grooming Cream and especially the waxes ... but every product has its why and for whom.

What does the American Crew™ All-Star Challenge mean to you?

For me it has been what has marked a before and after in my professional career... I cannot say more than a million THANKS.

Tell us in a #hashtag how you felt when you learned you won.

#soexcitedthatIshouted #cannotberealiamdreaming

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue a career as a stylist?

Do not get tired of learning. Let him move, look for different ways to do something and choose a good method, like Men’s Work. I recommend collecting experiences of all the good things that are in this country and enjoy them! Be humble and generous, and share your knowledge. In this way you will grow up. This is a beautiful profession!

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