StriVectin Products Available to the Salon PRO


StriVectin and SalonCentric just announced a multi-year exclusive professional distribution agreement that will bring a curated assortment of StriVectin’s top-selling skin, body and hair care products to 448 SalonCentric stores, select State Beauty Supply | RDA ProMart sub-distributor stores, and in May 2017. 

StriVectin rose to global acclaim through clinically-proven, targeted, anti-aging products such as SD Advanced™ Intensive Concentrate, the original stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon and TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream, reported to be the #1 selling neck cream for the past 3 years, according to The NPD Group. 

In 2016, after 10 years of research and development, the brand expanded beyond skin care with the introduction of StriVectinHAIR®, a range created to address a need in the hair care category – professional-grade hair and scalp formulations, powered by skin care science. All StriVectinHAIR products feature the same proprietary ingredient as its skincare products, NIA-114™ – a patented form of Niacin/Vitamin B3, clinically proven to help strengthen the skin barrier and supercharge the performance of other ingredients.

Originally launched in select department and specialty stores, StriVectinHAIR became the catalyst for a larger partnership conversation between the leaders of the two organizations. “It was a case of one plus one equals three,” says Joan Malloy, StriVectin CEO. “When we met with SalonCentric to discuss offering StriVectinHAIR products to salon professionals and their clients, we learned that SalonCentric was working behind the scenes on a plan to expand its footprint in skin care—and that they saw StriVectin playing an anchor role in its skin care portfolio as well as bringing innovation to the clinical hair and scalp care category. The partnership that has emerged is a true ‘win-win’. The fact that the plans came together so quickly, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and nimbleness of both organizations, is icing on the cake.” 

For SalonCentric, the partnership with StriVectin is another example of how the company is listening to and delivering on the needs of its professionals.  “Our customers have been asking us for more prestige beauty brands and real product innovation—especially in the skin care space,” says SalonCentric’s Vice President of Merchandising & Planning Steve Orzel.  “Over the years, we’ve been consistently impressed with how StriVectin continues to raise the bar in terms of skin care innovation and how the brand has resonated with consumers who trust the brand to take on their toughest skin care concerns—like deep wrinkles and sagging necklines—because it works.  We’re also impressed with the innovation they’re bringing to clinical hair and scalp care, from its award-winning packaging to its luxurious textures.  In announcing our partnership, we believe both StriVectin and our skin care category sales are poised for exponential growth.”    

This agreement marks the first time that StriVectin will be available via the salon professional channel, but according to Jennifer Trevethan, StriVectin SVP of Sales & Education NA, the opportunity and timing makes perfect sense.  “We maintain a selective distribution strategy for StriVectin,” says Trevethan. “However, we’re always looking for growth opportunities and according to industry research, Beauty Supply is now the fastest growing channel in both the overall beauty market and the prestige space.  SalonCentric is an ideal partner because they share our passion for innovation and education. Together, we’ve created a unique relationship that enables us to bring superior products to the professional community in a way that respects and complements our existing retail distribution and enables us to stay in complete control of our brand.”

The opportunity to tap the influencing power of the beauty professional community was another driving force behind the partnership, according to StriVectin’s newly-appointed CMO, Alison Yeh, who together with Malloy, have extensive prior experience building brands in the salon professional channel. “We know how seriously salon and spa owners, hairdressers and aestheticians take the responsibility of selecting which brands and products to use and recommend to their clients. In that way, they are the ideal brand ambassador—incredibly educated, discerning and 100% authentic. We’re excited for the professional community to get to know StriVectin on a deeper, more personal level by putting our products to the test and learning about the proprietary science that makes our formulas so unique and effective.  We’re optimistic that when they do, they will honor us with their endorsement and help us reach out to new consumers.”  

SalonCentric will begin the rollout online and in select stores with a curated assortment of up to 30 skus (assortments will vary by store) and will be supporting the launch with education, events, and social media activity.

The assortment includes:


ANTI-WRINKLE: SD Advanced Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks 2 oz/60ml, Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles 1oz/30ml, Repair and Protect Moisturizer SPF30 1.7oz/50ml, High-Potency Wrinkle Filler 0.5oz/15ml, Oxygen Smoothing Mask 1.7oz/50ml, Volumizing Hand Cream 2oz/60ml, Age Fighting - Trio Kit

MULTI-ACTION: Active Youth Infusion Serum 1 oz/29ml, Multi-action Restorative Cream 1.7oz/50ml, Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel 1.7oz/50ml

TIGHTEN & LIFT: TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream 1.7oz/50ml, TL Advanced Light Neck Cream 1.7oz/50ml, Tightening Face Serum 1.7oz/50ml, Tightening Neck Serum Roller 1.7oz/50ml, Tightening & Sculpting Face Cream 1.7oz/50ml, Tightening Body Cream 6 .7oz/200ml, Tightening for Lift - Trio Kit

ADVANCED RETINOL: Intensive Night Moisturizer 1.7oz/50ml, Concentrated Serum 1 oz/30ml, Pore Refining Lotion 1.7 oz/50ml, Retinol Advance - Trio Kit


ULTIMATE RESTORE: Shampoo 8.5 oz/250ml, Conditioner 8.5oz/250ml, Deep Repair Mask 5.7oz /160g, Densifying Foaming Treatment 3oz/90ml, Ultimate Restore Trial Kit 

COLOR CARE: Shampoo 8.5 oz/250ml, Conditioner 8.5 oz/250ml, Radiance Renewal Flash Mask 5.7 oz/168ml, Color Care Trial Kit

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