American Crew All-Star German finalist, Sabine Pösl
American Crew All-Star German finalist, Sabine PöslSabine Pösl

American Crew is rolling out Master of Men’s Grooming (MMG), a new global education program.

The Master of Men’s Grooming is a certificate training program that focuses on the technically and commercially relevant skills of advanced hair cutting and styling techniques, to give experienced stylists the skills based on 10 universally recognized foundational haircuts that they can immediately take to their clients with confidence and consistency. The new haircuts are The Pompadour, The Executive, The Crop, The Mod, The University, The Boxer, The Rebel, The Short American, The Long American and The Crew.

“The education system creates a powerful connection point between stylists everywhere and the elite American Crew educators in a true global forum,” said David Raccuglia, Founder of American Crew. “We’re excited for stylists to engage with it not only for learning but for community.”

Master of Men’s Grooming lives on a fully digitized platform that is accessible and convenient, allowing 24/7 access to stylists to learn at their own pace, from any location. The program is based on an intuitive format that features video tutorials - students submit their cut and photos which are reviewed by an American Crew educator. This interactive platform allows stylists to engage and gain insight from top stylists.

To describe the program in more detail, MODERN spoke with Mike Sharkey, Senior Global Education Manager, Revlon Professional Brands:

What is the process of working through the MMG program?

MS: There are ten haircuts which are demonstrated through videos that are approximately 15 minutes in length. Paul Wilson, American Crew Global Artistic Director, performs the cuts.

Within each haircut the student will have to execute what they have learned on a model or mannequin, take a photo and upload it to us where it will be evaluated by an American Crew educator. There is also a series of questions asked and the stylist must pass each segment to go onto the next.

 What kind of updates are planned to the platform, going forward?  

MS: Once it gets legs, David and I have talked about the next phase.  We will add the new collections to the program.  There will be new education uploaded.

We want to have webinars from educators around the world, down the road.

What made it the right time for MMG?

MS: Last year, we updated our curriculum as a brand. We used to have Method One, which focused on the external silhouette, and Method Two, which was secondary support cutting.  That was great for many years as a teaching method but we’ve now combined primary and secondary shapes together and made it more comprehensive.

 What happens after finishing the training?

MS: Stylist will receive a certificate and they are also going to be part of our updated Crew website. We’re also planning to develop a stylist locator for those who have completed the program. The consumer will know where to go to get an American Crew quality haircut

 For more information on the Master of Men’s Grooming and to sign up for the program, and to locate an American Crew salon or American Crew products, visit


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