HOW-TO + VIDEO: Sand-Drift Balayage Inspired by Shifting Sand and Sunlight

Trending this summer is one of Kadus Professional's hottest summer looks—Sand-Drift Balayage, featuring Blondes Unlimited. Inspired by shifting sand and sunlight, it evokes soft, textured waves and golden highlights, setting the standard for Classic Balayage. Part of the Sea-quilibrium Trend Direction, this technique features freehand techniques and gorgeous, customized natural-looking color.

Inspired by the precision of Chinese porcelain art, Kadus Professional has developed Blondes Unlimited—a lightening system that makes freehand application techniques easy—no foils required.

The Blondes Unlimited products work in tandem. The Creative Lightening Powder contains Kaolin, a porcelain clay activated by special ingredients in the Creative Developer (available in three strengths – 20, 30, 40 vol) that lets you lighten only where you apply the product.

Together, the products minimize swelling.* The result is gorgeous, customized, natural-looking color that’s just in time for the summer months. And the best part? You can boost income by charging an incremental fee for the expertise of Creative Highlighting with balayage techniques. Extend these services to both existing and new clients to build loyalty and earnings!

*65% less swelling vs. Kadus Blonding Powder

Get your Blondes Unlimited Trial kit for only $36 at your local beauty supply store.

Watch how to achieve the Sun-Drift Balayage look below:


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