Social Catch-up with Healthy Hairdresser

We enjoy hearing from you on our Healthy Hairdresser posts on Facebook and Instagram #modernsalon! One of our social media followers, mauricebhair, tells us, “I created habits of cycling 100 miles on my two days off, and I play basketball three times a week. I cook my own food, and I just watch my nutrition. Eating healthy and doing sports makes me the stylist that I want to be, and my clients appreciate my patience and the focus I have.”

Another commenter, live_acolorful_life, says she loves reading the Healthy Hairdresser posts. “Thanks for the added inspiration to keep taking care of my body!” she says. Here’s a sample of what other hairdressers have been sharing with #modernsalon in recent weeks:

On keeping your salon space green for Earth Day and year-round:

  • hollydecastri: Our salon tries to be as green as possible! From Laundry to lights! Great read!
  • mallorygilstrap: At @honeycombcorvallis we are very conscious about our impact on the environment and are 1 out of 5 salons in Oregon that are a #GreenCircleSalon! We recycle 90% of what is used doing earth service, down to the hair clippings, which are turned into mesh/mats that help clean up oil spills in the ocean!

On how spring weather is inspiring you to get/stay fit:

  • alysharuggier: Cycling to work every day, and yoga twice a week at my favorite studio.
  • edencuts: Lots of hiking in Cumberland Gap!
  • natallie86: Sculpt and C2 @CorePoweryoga and a whole lot of hiking.
  • hairbymariya: Eat more salads ( I’d rather drink a smoothie). Also weights and sprints to burn extra fat.
  • melodys29: Time to work in the yard and my garden!
  • hauteonthespot: I’m on week 10 of 5x/week workouts! Doing 1 hour cardio one day and 45 min weights and 45 cardio the next...trying to get my body ready for summer! And I’m tired of my back hurting after working behind the chair all day.
  • barbarella_lcrj: I call it “farm fit”—I have a couple of acres, raise my own chickens and do all the maintenance around my property.
  • annaminimaticic: Powerwalks during lunch, heavy weightlifting and 25min cardio ( running). Food prep 7 days/week, and lots of protein ;)....I have a plan to compete in fitness in November, so no drinks 4 me.
  • tararow: I get all my workouts in before work. Spin class, weights and what stylist doesn’t require yoga class? That class is a must to stay present and not lose my patience with coworkers or clients.
  • hairstylistbekahsummitt: Anything outside is better! Running with my dog, yoga by the lake!
  • kelira: Running. I’ve been a runner since I went through a divorce. Now with the warm weather and daylight savings, if I can’t make it in the morning I can still go running at 6 or 7 pm.

On consultant Amy Carter’s suggestions for improving mood and energy:

  • jentheunicornstylist: Really great article! This inspires me to get back to taking care of myself and the things I care about at home.
  • hollydecastri: Words of wisdom! I do lay my clothes out the night before, I do pack lunch, but I don’t make time for me! Thank you for this, and thank you for taking care of me should NOT make me feel guilty!
  • osborne6021: I’m taking care of everybody else and not myself! Working 10-plus hours a day 5 days a week for 31 years! It takes a toll on you!
  • lisathidinh: Perfect read ❤
  • parke_avenue_salon: Well said. I can’t stress enough to my friends and clients to take time for themselves and have balance. I just started doing this and it has changed my life.

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