From Our Solo Artist Advisory Council: How To Effectively Retail and Grow Your Income

Retailing is all-important to running a successful solo artist business, but stylists often feel uncomfortable acting as salespeople. To offer a different perspective and solutions to this discomfort, we got retailing tips from the SOLO ARTIST Advisory Council, a panel of industry experts who lend their voices to important topics for independent stylists. They shares their advice on educating clients on products and setting retail goals to see real growth. Plus, they share their favorite products to offer to their clients this summer. 

Lisa Marie Garcia:

President of Innovation, Farouk System

"Always recommend something the client needs to maintain the color or style you just gave them. The great thing about being a stylist is that you know what a client's hair needs are and can give professional recommendations, personalized for your clients needs. No store shelf can do that! Retail can be an extra source of income to help pay your rent or overhead. So use it!"

GARCIA'S RETAIL FAVE: The CHI Onyx Euro Shine 1” Onyx Ceramic Hair Styler, which has an advanced ion generator that works in conjunction with the onyx ceramic plates to produce two times more ions for noticeably smoother and shinier results. Four-inch extended iron plates feature beveled rounded tips, offering seamless rotation for maximum styling versatility and ease of use. 


Tom Mascarenas:

Design Group Member, Framesi

"Retail goals help me to stay focused on what my customers need. When I satisfy every need they have through services and retail, I become irreplaceable to them. That's the goal!"

MASCARENAS' RETAIL FAVE: "FRAMESI COLOR LOVER shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments nourish hair with a rich blend of advanced color-retention ingredients that are proven to retain your clients’ haircolor 95% longer."  

Ricardo Santiago:

Global Artist, Joico

"Most importantly when it comes to retail, it is so very important to set goals for yourself. Without having a goal in mind, you won't know how high you can reach, and it's easy to get distracted and not sell as much as you could with a set goal. So make sure to set goals for yourself, and when you achieve them, set new ones!"

SANTIAGO'S RETAIL FAVE: "You can't go wrong with retail by promoting the new Joico Blondelife System. From the Shampoo and Conditioner to the Brightening Masque and now the new Veil, it keeps those high-dollar blonde clients happy with consistent, vibrant results, which we know can be a challenge with blondes." 


Evelyn Ayala:

Education Manager, Kadus Professional

"As stylists, we never want to feel like we are making a 'sale' yet on average, approximately 30-40% of our profit comes from retail sales, which is just what our business needs. If clients understand that they need to invest in their hair without breaking their bank, they are more willing to make that investment."

AYALA'S RETAIL FAVE: "Kadus Professional Care & Styling Products are a must for clients. With only four Care Segments (Color, Moisture, Repair & Volume) and eight styling products, they are affordable for clients and take up very little space in a suite or studio."  


Robert Cromeans:

Global Artistic & Business Director, John Paul Mitchell Systems

"It’s important to set retail goals because we know that the 52% of guests are stretching salon visits and are looking for ways to keep their color fresh, vibrant and on tone at home. Get creative and boost your retail sales to grow your business in big ways."

CROMEANS' RETAIL FAVE: "With Color Craft, there is tremendous service revenue potential, in addition to retail sales opportunities to maintain vibrancy at home. Some stylists opt for building Color Craft into the cost of an existing service. For example, you may charge an extra $20 with free Customized Treatment take-home maintenance products." 


Stephanie Polansky:

Director of Education, Sexy Hair

"In order to make money you have to sell retail. You can pay your rent monthly by giving clients the tools they need to do their hair at home. If you work 4 days a week and sell an average of 5 products a day you will profit roughly $800 a month without working any extra hours or having to find new clients." 

POLANSKY'S RETAIL FAVE: "The new Hot Sexy Hair line is great for solo artists to carry. This line can be used on everyone that sits in your chair. If you are limited on retail space, you need to pick products that can be used on a majority of your clients." 


Tammy Feltner:

Regional Director, TIGI

"When you educate your clients on what products they need and how to use them, the retail sale automatically happens. I educate, and the product sells itself. It’s important to set retail sales goals in order to build your business, retain your clients, and create more revenue for yourself. Setting goals sets you up for success. It makes you focused and creates intention for what you are doing behind the chair. You just have to be sincere in the sell, don’t just sell to make money, sell because it benefits your client. When you love what you do, the money will follow."

FELTNER'S RETAIL FAVE: "When coloring, I love TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss. I love how versatile it is. I can use it for grey blending, tone with it, condition the hair with it, darken or change the tone of the hair, and use it as an added service for any client." 

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