Shining Silver-Steel Haircolor

Maria Dopoulos (@maria_hairtease) of Shag Boston, created a “stop mid-scroll” silver and shared it on Instagram. The shine, the consistency of tone throughout and then her soft, rippling wavy style makes this silver a standout.

Starting Level:  7


  1.  She was always a basic highlight. Lightened to a level 10.
  2.  Toned with 10/6 + 10/81 Wella ColorTouch with 6 vol equal parts 2:1.
  3.  Process for 10 minutes.
  4.  Rinsed and towel dried.
  5.  Applied 2 oz. 7/89 ColorTouch and 1 oz /81 Relights 13vol 2:1 for the full 20 min.
  6.  Finished with an Olaplex treatment.
  7.  Styled with flat iron curls going all in the same direction and brush it out to create her soft glam body wave.

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