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When it comes to naming a shade, Goldwell National Artist, Nick Pagano (@nickpaganohairdesign) nailed it with this look he calls "Subtropics."  Inspired by the fashion runways and color forecasts for this season, Pagano created a fire-y shade, accented with texture. The subtropics palette that Pagano created was a combination of warm and cool reds with shades including Lava, Indian, Crimson and Chili Powder, including accent shades of Syrup and Marigold. This was used to create texture and movement with reflection, shadow and tonal blending.

Here Pagano shares the details for this refresh:

Step 1: Create three triangle sections on the top of the head. Start the first section at the high recession, just behind the hairline. Then create a second section above the occipital bone and a third section on the right side of the head at the high recession, just behind the hairline. The triangles should all be slightly concave in shape. Isolate. 

Step 2: Prepare the remaining hair with Goldwell Dualsenses Color Structure Equalizer and apply 40ml Topchic 3% (10vol) lotion + 35ml + 8KG + 5ml 7KR from root to ends to create depth and richness.

Step 3: Decolorize the triangle sections to a level 9 using 35ml SilkLift 3% (10vol) Lotion + 35ml SilkLift High Performance Lightener + 3 pumps of Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate.Shampoo with Elumen Wash and condition with Elumen Treat, then towel dry hair well. Prepare and dry hair.

Step 4: Resection the hair. Start at the bottom of each triangle by taking horizontal sections and applying 40ml Topchic 3% (10vol) lotion + 35ml + 8KG + 5ml 7KR one inch down from the base.

Step 5: Following, paint 60 ml Colorance lotion + 5ml 9KG + 25ml 9G, 20 ml Elumen GK @all + 20 ml GB@9 and 20ml Elumen GK@all 1 ml Pk@all in a channel effect.

Step 6: After one rotation, incorporate 10 ml Elumen BK@6 + 20ml KK@all + 10mlGK@all Thermal foils and repeat the rotation to create a beautiful water color effect. Process for 30 minutes, shampoo twice with Elumen Wash and towel dry hair well. To finish the look apply Elumen Lock for 5 minutes, rinse well and condition with Elumen Treat. 

Color/Cut/Styling: Nick Pagano @nickpaganohairdesign

Make-up :  Cheryl Esposito @cherylmakeup

Photographer:  Andrea Urbinati @andreaurbinati

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