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Women have been lining up for years to be on the receiving end of Kim Vō’s talents. A celebrated colorist, salon owner and Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Global Ambassador, Vō has become famous for the beautiful variety of blondes he creates for his loyal clientele.  Based in Los Angeles, but overseeing several area salons, Vō has also become skilled at managing client expectations. 

“It’s very common for a dark-haired client to show me a Victoria’s Secret Nordic blonde model and say, ‘I want that,’ " Vō says. “But instead of discouraging them, I help them understand that it is a journey, they have to be patient and that it could take up to six months.  At that first session, you can give them a taste of what it will be like and now you have started them on that journey and they will be coming back. The business of being blonde builds a stylist’s business.”

Vō works with the Blondme color and care range from Schwarzkopf Professional, which has merged their Integrated Bonding Technology with their Blondme products. Instead of products used specifically for bonding services that require an extra step during the coloring, lightening or lifting process, the new Blondme helps hairdressers to blonde and bond their clients’ hair in one easy step.

“I played around with other bond builders and this Blondme technology is truly goof-proof,” Vō says. “You don’t have to adjust the peroxide or mix anything differently than what you would normally mix.  It puts the hairdresser at ease and takes the guessing game out of it.”

The Blondme colors and toners cater to blonde clients whether they want cool, honey, caramel or toffee tones or iridescent, creamy, platinum or bronde looks.

“I’m in Beverly Hills and many women want to swim in the blonde pond,” Vō says. “They are natural brunettes who want the perfect ‘bronde’ and they often have very textured, ethnic hair. With the Blondme technology, I can take a bit longer without worrying about damage."

Vō (@mrkimvo), along with two social superstars, colorist Linh Phan (@bescene)) and stylist Mustafa Avci (@mustafaaavci), will be conducting a workshop in New York on June 12 in partnership with Paramount Beauty.  They will give everyone a look at the blonding and bonding capabilities of Blondme, as well as the Schwarzkopf Professional range.

“My client is my billboard and, ‘who does your hair?’ is still the most important client building question," Vō concludes. “With Blondme, you have this wonderful safety net that helps you get to where you want to go and to make her look and feel amazing.”

Register for the event here: www.paramountbeauty.com

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