Successful stylists have a certain energy about them, have you noticed? They view a head of hair like my nephews eye a Domino's delivery. Walk into any salon and you find two different professionals working side by side. One is a stylist loving everything beauty and another stuck in a creative rut putting out one layered bob with highlights after another. Does one have a creative “gene” and the other not? Is one ambitious and the other lazy? My guess is that it comes down to the understanding and cultivating of creativity itself. 

Creativity is learned, can be diminished or enhanced, is addictive, and so satisfactory it may well be the key to happiness, and just like your cat, creativity must be stroked or it will run away at first chance.

 I bet you have your own method of turning on your awareness to everything beautiful, here's my creative diet:

 ~When you first open your eyes get into deep gratitude. Creativity flows when searching for the beautiful things in your life. If at a loss, simply thank the roof over your head.

 ~Move intentionally--even though you are exhausted at the end of the day, you don't get the right exercise moving around in the salon. I do thirty minutes of Yoga and walk to as many places as possible. Try movement as a remedy for the funk.

 ~Shake it up--challenge the status quo in your life--do the usual in reverse, work a new foiling pattern, take finer sections in your haircuts, rework your standard colors formulas, try brussel sprouts again.

 ~Aside from watching technical videos online, take yourself to a class or seminar. There is magic in learning in the company of others--especially a hands on workshop.

 ~Dedicate a week to taking before and after photos of your clients.

 ~Nutrition affects your mindset--searching for and preparing healthy nutrition is a very creative outlet.

 ~Waiting for the right moment to do what you want squashes creativity. Move on your desire of being an educator, a platform artist or astronaut. Surround yourself with the right elements for endless creativity including people, places and things. Allow the beautiful things in your life to become your reality.

 Looking for the endless possibilities in yourself and others is the ultimate creative choice. Make it every day.

Carlos Valenzuela is a stylist, educator, former school and salon owner and author of The Skinny on Salon Jobs, Contact:




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