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Brittney Anderson, (@BrittPaintsss), a junior stylist at Alchemy Hair Salon in Silver Spring, Maryland, says this client "came into salon after she bleached her own hair and covered it with a pastel pink. She wanted to leave as a platinum blonde."
Here Anderson shares the details of this makeover which took a total of more than 7 hours:
Step 1: Apply Wella Color Touch 0/00 with 20 volume to try to lift out as much color as possible. Process for 15 minutes under heat (resulting in peach colored hair and orange bands.) 
Step 2: Conduct a test strand with 40 volume to see if the hair is strong enough to handle the lightener. 
Step 3: Balayage the midshaft with Blondor and 40 volume, mixed with Brazilian Bond Builder.  While processing, check regularly and re-apply lightener where needed. 
Step 4: Rinse the midshaft in different sections starting with the back, and then the sides when processed.
Step 5: Apply Blondor paste 30 volume to the roots and ends. Process for 30-40 minutes.
Step 6: Pre-tone with Fanola No Yellow and then tone the remaining warmth with 9/60 Wella Illumina for 15-20 minutes. 
Step 7: Blend Brazilian Bond Builder with Phyto Elixir Mask and use as a treatment.

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