An Avant Garde Bug's Life: The Extremity Collection by Matthew Tyldesley

by Jamie Newman | June 29, 2017

For his collection, Extremity, stylist Matt Tyldesley (@hairbymatt) wanted to showcase braiding, cornrowing and hair wrapping combined with some hair pieces using kanekalon hair he had been constructing.

"I love avant garde hair, so this collection sways heavy on the sci-fi and fantasy vibes with texture and antenna-inspired hair," Tyldesley says. "The models take on an insect like feel with depth and emotion. I love the moodiness and pops of color from this collection. Shoots are all about discoveries and having fun as well as the entire team working together to create the finished collection."

Tyldesley loves working with new talented and experimenting with hair. He gets inspiration from everywhere, such as looking at wigs at local hair shops in Louisville, Kentucky and working backstage at shows such as Redken Symposium. 

Tyldesey credits the collaborative community of Louisville for this shoot. Local photographer and makeup artist Annalara Fischer created a special look for each piece that Tyldesey created.

"I played with the color schemes, shape and design of Matthew's pieces as well as the features and high cheek bones of both models Katya and Justin to bring a dramatic look to images," she says. "I love going out of the box every now and then and collaborating with my fellow artists to create something that I would not typically have the chance to shoot in my day to day work as a photographer."

Hair: Matthew Tyldesley @hairbymatt
Photography/Makeup: Annalara Fischer @annalarafisch
Models: Katya estes @ekaterina_estes; Justin Sinkler @sinkler_115

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