Aloxxi Andiamo used for this client's color.  Hair by Julia Lopez @jewelsjuls
Aloxxi Andiamo used for this client's color.  Hair by Julia Lopez @jewelsjuls

Robert “Bob” Siebert, director of education at Aloxxi, is a fast talker.  Since the launch of new Aloxxi Andiamo Express Permanent Colour, Siebert loves sharing with hairdressers how this express color service can accelerate their income, open up space in their day, and help time-conscious clients get out the door, fast.

 The Andiamo line of twelve shades will process in ten minutes thanks to Turbo Dye Technology,  which increases pigment concentration so more dyes are deposited in a shorter time. Dye oxidation is also controlled so Andiamo can deliver consistent color and up to four levels of lift.

“This was the perfect time to launch Andiamo because it lines up so well with the society we are living in right now,” Siebert says. “So many people are time-challenged. Many of us are willing to pay a premium to have things delivered to our doorstep. Andiamo gives both the client and the colorist a faster way to get the results they need.”

We asked Siebert to discuss some of the talking points he is delivering in Aloxxi education classes about how express services can lead to some fast changes in cash flow.

MS: How can hairdressers go about charging differently for an express service like Andiamo?

RS: Salons and salon professionals can be squeamish about raising their prices so what we’re recommending is offering a menu of on-demand or express services. A permanent color service would normally take 30 to 40 minutes of developing time but an Andiamo color service, along with a cut and blow dry, can be accomplished in an hour.

MS: What are some examples of express services you might recommend?

RS: Express retouches, for example, are good for clients who have extremely fast regrowth.  Some need a retouch every two or three weeks but they don’t want to commit a full 90 minutes to have that service done, each time. Andiamo is great for these clients.

Andiamo’s highlift shades allow salons to offer express highlights, too. It’s a super-quick service which means stylists buy back some time and get out of the salon earlier or that they stay and add another client to their book that day.

MS:  How are you educating stylists about how Andiamo can help them make more money?

RS: We have a couple programs and one is a business-building class called Accelerate Your Income.  In it, we talk about the different types of salon clients and we break down the costs of servicing these clients and how to talk to them about the different Aloxxi offerings, including Andiamo.

The younger demographic, for instance, includes those clients who are just starting their careers. They aren’t as concerned with spending money on their first house or the most expensive car but they do pay for convenience and for things that give them more time in their day. 

We suggest stylists look at existing clientele and figure out who would make sense for the service.  There are so many clients who color at-home, in between appointments, because they don’t feel they have the time in their schedule to maintain their color regularly. If we want to keep them in the professional arena, we have to offer a solution like Andiamo which is only an hour, every two to four weeks.

Maybe stylist have regular blow-dry clients who can be introduced to color through Andiamo. Or they have a walk-in that they can now fit-in because of the quick processing time.  And suppose they have a haircut client in the chair who asks, ‘Could you squeeze in some time for color, too?’ Rather than ask them to come back later or handing them over to an assistant, they can use Andiamo.

We are also doing VIP on-demand classes that talk about offering express cutting and express styling.  Many stylists who attend have a big ‘ah-ha’ moment when they start to analyze their business and then realize the earning potential for upselling these express services at a premium price.

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