How-To: Cut and Color Transformations Using Matrix Vinyls

by MS Staff | July 6, 2017

Hair: Jamie Suarez for Regis; Michael McDonough for Matrix
Assisted by: Melissa Sparks for Regis
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for Veil Cosmetics

A cabochon is a rounded, unfaceted gemstone with the shape and various shades of the cabochon that has inspired Jamie Suarez, Regis Corporation Creative Director, to create the Cabaochon Collection.

“The collection focuses on round shapes with bold color focal points,” Suarez says. “The reflection is a single point of light.”

Suarez uses gradient colors to accent the round silhouettes.

“It’s color melting on its side—going from light to dark vertically rather than horizontally,” he says.

Suarez chose to accent his looks with Vinyls, the five new jewel tones in the Matrix ColorSync demi-permanent family.

“I create multiple palettes with these new shades,” Suarez says. “There’s Cobalt Blue, Midnight Violet, Rose Copper, Crimson Red and Gilded Gold, and Clear can be added to dilute any shade, and to feather and transition to the stronger color.”

According to Michael McDonough, Matrix’s director of education, national accounts, the powerful shades work best on a level 5 and above.

“They are intense, long-lasting demis that last up to four weeks,” he says.

For Suarez, the looks he creates with the shape and gemtones work for just about any client.

Using the Cabochon Collection as inspiration, the artist transformed two models at the Water Street Studio in New York City.

“These finishes are quite polished with a thin, sharp line of light running across to create a focal point,” Suarez says.

An important element for both of these finishes is the powerful perimeter. BONDUltim8, a three-step bond builder designed to maintain the integrity of the hair, was added to the color.


The hair is a natural level 5 and is pre-lightened to level 8 with Matrix Light Master with 30-volume developer and BONDUltim8. The hair was toned with Color Sync 8P with 10-volume developer. For the melt, take vertical panels front and back and apply:

Back: ColorSync 6 Ash with a ribbon of 1A blended with 10-volume developer

Front: ColorSync 8 Ash with ribbon of 1A with 10-volume developer


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