After a year of not touching her hair, this client came to Rickey Windust (@rickeywindust) of Cooper & Strop Hair Parlor, Apple Valley, CA, needing a change.

To Windust's surprise, she asked for platinum hair in one sitting. "I thought we could get pretty close or at least a light blonde," he says. "Normally I would suggest sessions but since she couldn't come back for a while, I wanted to get her as light as possible. What I didn't expect was a grown-out band of dark color toward the midshaft. It matched her natural hair color so well I thought it was all virgin hair except the blonde ends."

The whole process took 6 1/2 hours to complete.

Step 1: To the root apply Wella Blondor and 10 volume. Use the same bleach but with 20 volume on the mids. To the lightened ends apply - briefly - Blondor with Emulsion 6 volume.

Steps 2 and 3: Process to desired lift. Once dry, "I had to hit that color band again." Go back in with Blondor and 20 volume just on the band "and it still was not lifted enough. I went in one more time on the band with 10 volume in foil and finally got it mostly out."

Step 4: Tone with Wella Illumina Shades 10/69 + 9/60 +/88 and Pastel developer on wet hair. Process for 20 minutes.

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