UPDATE: Brassy and Faded To Sunny Melt

"I love blondes and I love when clients are open to change there is nothing more rewarding than making people look and feel beautiful," says Lindsey Little (@bangbangbalayage) of Viselli Salon, Boston, Massachusetts. This client came to her for the first time after allowing her color fade for almost 6 months.

Here she shares the details for this update:

Step 1: Using a wide panel technique, balayage along the brassy highlights using Pulp Riot Blonde AF with 25 volume developer.

Step 2: Around the face apply additional highlights using a "teased foil" technique. Process to desired lift and rinse.

Step 3: Glaze using Fanola No Yellow with a 9 at the root shadowed down to a 10.7 + Clear. 

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