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Hair by John KeeganRebecca Matthews

 Doug Smith, Education Programs &  Marketing Manager for Eufora, says he sees full service salons searching for the perfect formula to unisex services. While it can be tricky, it’s sometimes a simple shift in perception, and presentation, that will attract and retain great male clientele.

“You’ll regularly see women in the local whisky pub, but it’s not very often you see a group of men sitting at a high-top round table sipping cosmos," Smith says. "Women will go to the masculine side, but men tend to not go to the feminine side. The same is true when it comes to choosing salon services or shopping for grooming products. Women love to research what they buy. They shop packaging, fragrance, benefits and the latest 'it' ingredient. Generally, the opposite is true for men. They want no fuss solutions with quick and effective results. While nothing is quite so black and white, here are some universal considerations when incorporating male services into your salon."

  • Curb appeal is the first step to getting him to “kick the tires”. Make sure the front of the salon is unisex with neutral colors and linear signage.
  • Keep the men’s retail area adequately stocked and looking fresh. Men will buy on impulse so keeping it simple will help him quickly pick the best product for his need.
  • Get your team on board. Brainstorm with salon associates on efficient consultations that will quickly assess his need while recommending the right service and at home care products.
  • Keep “her” involved. 80 percent of men’s retail at the salon level is sold to women. Be sure you’re sharing the benefits of your men’s retail products to your female guests.
  • Between husbands or boyfriends, sons and business associates, each female guest is worth at least five male referrals. Be sure to share your men’s grooming services with each guest.
  • Shifting your approach. Attracting a male clientele is simple once you look through his eyes. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to ask him what he wants. His loyalty is easy to gain if he trusts your approach.”

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