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2017 MODERN SALON 100: Stephanie Lawrence @hair_princess_steph

by Alison Alhamed | August 2, 2017
Stephanie Lawrence (@hair_princess_steph)
Stephanie Lawrence (@hair_princess_steph)

MODERN SALON has been following New Hampshire stylist Stephanie Lawrence (@hair_princess_steph) for a long timeand with just a quick look at her Instagram page it'll be pretty obvious why we chose her to be in this year's MODERN SALON 100.

Handle: @hair_princess_steph

Name: Stephanie Lawrence

Salon: Blank Canvas Salon, Londonderry, New Hampshire

Specialty: Vibrant, fashion color

Followers: 247K

Age: 32

Most viral post: A video of a rainbow-mirrored shineline. It got the attention of Allure and other magazines that posted the still shots from it.

One of Lawrence's most viral Instagram posts.
One of Lawrence's most viral Instagram posts.

Favorite apps: iMovie, Facetune, Anytune

Favorite hashtags: #pulpriothair #shineline #londonderrynh

I follow: @shmeggsandbacon @johnspantonhair @xpressionscreativos @kristinacheeseman

Pro tip: Interact with people commenting, and really pay attention to the hashtags. I mix mine up between description, location, and brands

Favorite products: Pulp Riot, R&Co High Drive, Kenra Dry Texture Spray

How social media changed my life: I’m a platform artist and travel around the country for a company I love, and I’m currently doing an interview with MODERN SALON!

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON: This was the post that put me on the map. It was my pink and yellow shineline. It was such an accomplished moment to have a color I was so incredibly proud of featured on a MODERN!



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