2017 MODERN SALON 100: Danny Amorim @successaddict

A clue to what has put Danny Amorim in front of so many people is in his social handle.  This success addict knows the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately. He travels all over the country, educating and inspiring, where his combination of moxie and motivation has made him someone to watch. 

Name: Danny Amorim

Handle: @successaddict

Salons: Klippers BarberShop 1 & 2 Elizabeth, NJ and Klippers 3 in Linden, NJ

Best known for: Andis and Gibs Grooming educator and platform artist. Known for men’s grooming, clipper education and beard sculpting.

Most viral post:  A haircut I did on my son a few years back and a recent one would have to be my motivational speech at BarberCon in NYC in March of this year.

Favorite Apps: Instagram, of course.

Favorite hashtags: #klippers #andis #gibsguy #beardgang #travelingbarber #addictedtothegame #lovemycraft

Who I’m following: I follow people that are doing things that inspire me but it doesn't necessary have to be hair- related. Yes I follow many barbers and stylists but I also follow many entrepreneurs, nutrition pages and, of course, my kids!

Tips to get the best result on a post: Getting the best results can be many things including the content of the post, the caption, the time frame, and the shot quality.  I’ll get a lot more ‘likes’ on food than a haircut, sometimes.

Favorite professional beauty products: Well, I'm a Gibs Guy, all the way, and love all of their full line of male grooming products but also love using Xotics All Natural Products. 

How social media changed your life: Social media changed my life because it became a free outlet to share with the world my love and passion for barbering. It has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry and to see places I’ve never dreamt I would see because of a pair of clippers and a dream.

The first time I was featured by Modern Salon: I was featured in the June 2014 issue of Modern Salon. My model made the cover for the "Mad Men" article. 



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