Samantha Tarini (@deathbycouture)
Samantha Tarini (@deathbycouture)

Beautiful color, gorgeous styling and trendy braids, Samantha Tarini's @deathbycouture Instagram page has it all. See why she made the 2017 MODERN SALON 100.

Handle: @deathbycouture

Name: Samantha Tarini

Salon: The List, Las Vegas

Specialty: Vibrants, styling, braiding

Followers: 35.9K

Age: 37

Favorite apps: I refuse to edit hair, preferring to spend time on lighting and concentrating on the photo taking. I will, however, fix a blemish on a face or a mark on my backdrop using Facetune 2.

Favorite hashtags: #rainbowhair #colormelt #vividhair #vegasvividartist

One of Tarini's most viral Instagram posts.
One of Tarini's most viral Instagram posts.

I follow: @rebeccataylorhair @alfredolewis @lysseon @hairbykaseyoh @wesdoeshair @bottleblonde76 @xostylistxo @hairbymisskellyo and my fellow B3 artists and Colortrak ambassadors.

Pro tip: Take pictures of everything, even if you aren’t sure how you feel about the photos at the time. You don’t have to post them right away. We are always our own worst critic. Some of my pieces that went the most viral were photos that almost didn’t see the light of day.

Favorite products: Pulp Riot lightener, Kenra Rapid Toners, B3 everything. Everything by R+Co.

How social media changed my life: I had been in this industry for 17 years and found myself unmotivated and uninspired. I also hold a degree in graphic design, and I was thinking of leaving hair and finding a design job instead. I told myself after all these years I had put into this, I would give myself one more year, and I would really give it my all. And the result has left me more inspired and motivated than I ever have been!

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON: I had no followers, no social media presence. I did a purple to silver colormelt transformation that MODERN featured, and it was an awesome Christmas present!



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