2017 MODERN SALON 100: Robin Del Toro @ms_robinita

Robin Del Toro's page is as bright, beautiful and bubbly as the artist herself. Specializing in balayage, corrective color and vibrants, Del Toro's gorgeous work is frequently shared on our page due to its eye-catching color combos, fun takes on accessories and styles (hello, foil in hair!), and clean or blurred-out backgrounds. 

Robin Del Toro
Location: Tracy, CA
Salon: Le Mirage, Tracy, CA
Best known for: Balayage, corrective color, and vibrants

Age: 34

Most viral post: My Fiery Sunset Colormelt (shown) was featured in Seventeen, Glamour and on the Huffington Post, Popsugar, modernsalon.com, MSN.com and many more.

Favorite app: Instagram (Duh), Facetune for smoothing out any lines in the skin and brightening teeth (I’m a good friend), SplitPic for collages, and Phonto for my watermark.

Favorite hashtags: I like to hashtag whatever is relevant to the photo I am posting and whatever products I am using. Also, hashtag your city so people can find you! 

Who I’m following:  Most importantly, my clients! I also follow whatever inspires me.

Tip to get best results on a post: Good content is number-one! Make sure what you're posting is interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention. Good lighting and quality photos are a must.

Favorite professional beauty products: Dry shampoo and a Brazilian Blowout will change your life! I love Olivia Garden brushes, Colortrak Cut and Fold Foil dispenser, my Barbar blowdryer, Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray, Oribe Volumista, R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, and R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste. 

How social media changed your life: I worked at my grandfather’s plumbing company my entire life until 2008. He passed away and, at the same time, the economy tanked. I was looking for a job and couldn't find anything. One day, as I was driving, I asked God for a sign. I looked out of my window and saw a beauty school. I signed up the next day. I started taking before-and-afters of my work and posting them on social media because I was proud of what I was doing and I wanted my friends and family to see. I followed every hair page and hairstylist I could find to keep myself inspired and learn as much as I could. People started tagging their friends in my work and sending me referrals. I’d say about 90% of my clientele came from social media. Because of social media, I’ve been able to travel the country to participate in hair battles, go on retreats with inspiring hair people, and educate fellow hair artist. Social media has allowed my career to skyrocket!

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON was….: what they called, “The Most Perfect Blonde Sombre”. I almost died! I couldn't even talk! I was so excited! I screen shot it and sent it to the owner of the salon I was working at, at the time, with an "OMG" and she replied with, "Do you need a few extra pillows for that big head of yours?”. I was floored. I didn’t show it to anyone else. Then I realized, I was in the wrong place with the wrong people. That comment, pushed me to make a change. And I am so glad I did. I love where I am now and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the struggles I’ve faced. That picture has now been repined over 86,000 times on Modern Salon’s Pinterest alone.



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