Top Tips for Making Men Feel At-Home and Valued in the Salon

When it comes to male clientele, brothers Angel and David de Solar and partner Aston Lafon, want to remind the beauty industry that men are not a trend.

As the founders of 18.21 Man Made Grooming, they’ve created the Noble Experience, a philosophy that addresses men’s basic hair care needs while improving the salon and at-home grooming experience.

In honor of National Men's Grooming Day, here are their top tips to build loyalty, increase referrals, and give male clients the complete grooming experience:

  • Men are not a trend: Know the importance of incorporating men’s hair care as a part of your salon or spa business model. Always offer special services and products just for men and keep them on the menu.
  • Become an influencer: Don’t let non-professional, social media influencer give hair care and styling tips to potential or current clients. Clients want to learn how to recreate the looks they receive in the salon at home, and social media influencers are gaining the confidence of consumers in this area. “We need to turn beauty professionals into the influencers with their own clientele,” LaFon said.
  • Begin with a hello: Make sure you’re maintaining a consistent standard of customer service. No matter what level of familiarity you may have with clients, always greet them with a hand shake and a hello. “If you don’t make them feel special, they will try to find that experience again elsewhere,” Lafron said.  “Always greet your client with a firm handshake and good eye contact, with a warm greeting that shows a positive message and makes them know you are happy to see them again.”
  • Coaching: Teach your clients how to recreate salon looks at home. Show them the products you are using and explain why and how you are using them. “If your client ends up wearing a man bun because he doesn’t know how to style his hair or his pompadour is lying flat, you have not finished his service,” Lafron said. “He will be receiving compliments on his looks that turn into referrals and business growth for you if he can style his hair himself.”
  • Seasonal promotions: Learn how to promote special marketing for male clientele for occasions such as Father’s Day and Movember for men’s health charities.

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