Jeff Orrell
Jeff Orrell

NEUMA has now expanded its international distribution through an alliance with the Italian hair color manufacturer Tocco Magico. 

 “In evaluating the numerous opportunities for NEUMA to expand into the EU, it was essential that we partner with a like-minded company,” NEUMA President Jeff Orrell said. “We found that synergy with Tocco Magico, the first professional haircare brand to use herbal extracts in its formulations. This is more than a distribution arrangement. It’s a true strategic alliance where Tocco Magico will work with NEUMA to expand its footprint in the 21 EU countries and NEUMA will help Tocco Magico expand its presence in the United States.”

As a fully transparent brand, NEUMA easily moved through the regulatory compliance required to enter the EU market. By partnering with Tocco Magico, NEUMA was able to leverage the 75-year-old hair color brand’s expertise in the market as well as its respect for maintaining NEUMA’s unique brand position. NEUMA does not manufacture hair color, yet its entire collection of haircare products — including neuSmooth, neuVolume, reNeu, neuMoisture, neuRepair, neuStyling and neuControl — are color safe. In return Tocco Magico will distribute and warehouse NEUMA’s products throughout the EU.

The EU exceeds the U.S. in formulating without known irritants or suspected carcinogens.

“Citizens of EU countries grow up recycling, eating and farming organically, living ‘cleaner’ lives,” Orrell said. “In the United States, we were organic until the second World War and then it went out of style with the rising popularity of synthetics and plastics.  Packaging and ingredient regulations are much more stringent in the EU, and we welcome the opportunity to show that American-made brands are designed for global consumption due to formula consistency from region to region.”

Founded in 1938 and Based in Rome, Italy, Tocco Magico is committed to the improvement of production techniques, respecting the environment and not testing on animals. Tradition and solid experience have provided their products with high levels of quality, which has been recognized by the ISO 9001 international certification.

 “We look forward to expanding into other markets with NEUMA, bringing high performance to salons, hairdressers and their clients without sacrificing hair, health or the planet,” Orrell said.

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