Donna Bella's Flat Tip Hair Extension
Donna Bella's Flat Tip Hair ExtensionDonna Bella

Are you ready to become a Donna Bella Flat-Tip pro? You may have noticed there aren’t any Flat-Tip designated educational programs—reason being is because the Flat-Tip is applied the same way as Donna Bella's I-Link extensions, so the existing I-Link educational program works for learning Flat-Tip too.

Here are your next steps if you're interested:

Pick up an I-Link Kit Donna Bella’s Hair Extension Kits include all the tools you need to complete an installation, removal, and re-installation for any given method. They make great starter kits for practicing hair extension stylists, and continue to be useful even after you go pro. The I-Link kit comes stocked with a Loop Tool, Hair Extension Tool, Color Ring, Quick Pick, Hair Extension Brush, beads, and I-Link Practice Hair, so you can start practicing your beaded installation technique as soon as you receive it. Remember: beaded installation applies to both I-Link and Flat-Tip. If you want, you can even order a pack of Flat-Tip extensions to test out Flat-Tip spacing (which may differ slightly from I-Link’s).

Enroll in their I-Link course: Learn how to install both I-Link and Flat-Tip extensions by completing Donna Bella’s I-Link Online Education course. You’ll learn everything from installation to removal and maintenance, and you’ll even get pro tips for masterful consultations. Once you’re done, you can apply for I-Link/Flat-Tip certification, which makes you a verified Donna Bella stylist eligible for Certified Rewards.

Pursue additional education: Donna Bella has plenty of advanced education opportunities for stylists, including Trade Show classes and Pro Series events. Though they don’t currently offer Flat-Tip-specific classes, you can take these opportunities to ask questions about the method and develop your beaded technique. Veteran attendees may even apply to participate in Trade Show installations as part of Donna Bella’s Elite team.

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