Hairtalk's Hassle-Free Warranty on all of its Hair Extensions

As the creators of the tape-in hair extension, hairtalk understands the importance of offering clients the absolute best quality and service. For this reason, hairtalk is proud to announce the new Hassle Free Warranty on all of their extensions. 

Even with a quality satisfaction rate of 99%, they know there may be a time when a quality issue arises. Within 6 months from the date of purchase, if you or your client feels the hair is defective, you can order new hair and apply it with certainty that the hair you send back qualifies for a prorated money back guarantee.

When filing a claim under hairtalk's Hassle Free Warranty, extensions will undergo an inspection process to determine if the extensions are truly defective. Regardless of the result, a prorated refund will be issued to the stylist. Upon completion of the inspection, results will be provided to the stylist.

If the hair is not found to be truly defective, the solution on how to restore the extensions back to original condition will be communicated back to the stylist to prevent the issue in the future. All in all, this is an effort to properly educate the stylist when an issue arises, while still being able to support them and their client on the spot.

In order to qualify for hairtalk's Hassle Free Warranty, the extensions must be actively and exclusively used with hairtalk adhesive tape and haircare products. Chemically processing the hair voids the warranty.

*Please understand that hairtalk reserves the right to remove the Hassle Free Warranty in specific cases where hairtalk finds the warranty is being abused. In these cases, the customer will return to our original warranty, in which extensions must be found truly defective by hairtalk quality control team to qualify for a prorated refund.

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