Danielle Regazzi.
Danielle Regazzi.

GOING SOLO can be intimidating—the whole process of venturing out on your own can be daunting and let’s be honest, a little terrifying for some beauty professionals. In a business that is people/client-oriented, going
solo sounds isolating, right?

Not according to Danielle Regazzi.

For the past 16 years, she has been a solo artist with her own business, and also worked as an educator for Farouk Systems. Even though she ventured out on her own, she says she’s never really been alone in the process. It was during these years that she realized how much education and support a brand could provide in her solo endeavors.

“I chose to surround myself in positive environments that helped me to further challenge myself,” she says. “At Farouk Systems I found a family, and within families there is love and support.”

She’s currently maintains a steady clientele at her salon in Miller Place, New York.

Ask Regazzi about her past and she says 24 years ago when she was just getting started, she was uncertain of who she was or where she was headed. What she was sure of though, was her determination and ambition.
Her beauty journey started when she attended her first professional beauty industry show in NYC, where she was inspired by a platform artist teaching others.

“I immediately was so enamored by his presence and inspired by his message,” Regazzi says. “I didn’t know how I was going to become successful as a platform artist, but I knew it was a goal I wanted to achieve.”

Moving forward, Regazzi enrolled in every educational event available to her through various manufacturers, which ultimately led her to Farouk Systems, where she found the support and advanced education she needed to thrive.

Regazzi acknowledges that the Solo Artist flexibility and lifestyle is a good one for stylists who want to pursue
a career as an educator and platform artist, but shares these tips for anyone considering the road to going solo:

Find a mentor: Mentors offer fresh ideas and approaches or help you see things differently. “I have countless
mentors that I have learned from and keep in touch with me every day.”

Practice tough love—on yourself: “I believe this is crucial for growth. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re
not growing. As much as I educate and share with others, it’s more important for me to continue learning.”

Practice marketing: “Marketing yourself and your salon is important. Attend bridal shows, visit local offices
and offer your services, do events for your community.”

Get inspired: “Follow artists on Instagram who inspire you. It’s such a great time in our industry through social
media. There is a community of hairstylists supporting and promoting each other. Look around at all of these
amazing collaborations and market yourselves."

A sample of Regazzi's creative work.
A sample of Regazzi's creative work.

Danielle Regazzi
Hairstylist, Platform Artist
Hollywood Salon, Miller Place, NY
Cut and style price: $75+
Color price: $150+
Area of expertise: Color
Favorite products right now: Farouk’s Royal Treatment Line
Advice to other solo artists: “You only have control over yourself, not others. Stay focused on your goals and dreams. Don’t ever let anyone get in your way.”
Best thing about being a Solo Artist: “I love the ability to express myself creatively. While my area of expertise may be color, I explore all opportunities presented. One week, I may be in New York styling hair for
Fashion Week, and the next in California at a hair show sharing the latest techniques for color placement. It is so important to be in control of your own destiny. It is extremely beneficial to keep an open mind. You never know where an opportunity big or small will take you.”
Goal for the next 5 years: “To set myself up for owning my own salon and building my business to levels of excitement, while continuing to educate others and learning new and exciting things.”

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