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Hair master Joseph DiMaggio for Davines partnered with KUHOKITHGCDSBibhu Mohapatra for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018. 

Bibhu Mohaptra

Inspiration: The S/S 2018 Bibhu Mohapatra Collection was inspired by the designer's studies of the Belle Époque period. A nod to the flourishing artistic license from this time, the hairstyle offers a playful,optimistic, and modern take on the Japanese chonmage or topknot. The hair is styled into a deep parted V and looped, alluding to an elegant and vibrant take on the traditional Samurai haistyle.

How to:

  1. Start with a sleek straight, smooth texture by blow drying and prepping the hair with Davines Your Assistant Blow Dry Primer
  2. Section the top into an open "V" shape. The section should start about two inches wide at the front and widening as it moves to the back of the head. Clip up.
  3. The bottom section should then be sectioned into three separate, even parts with the left and right sections creating an open "V" part around each ear. Clip them up separately.
  4. Bring down the top section to meet the middle-bottom section. Spray the Davines This Is A Medium Hairspray to give hold and Davines Your Assistant Blow Dry Primer at the top for a wetter, sleek look, and brush into a high ponytail at the crown.
  5. Saturate the entire ponytail with Davines This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse and Davines Your Assistant Blow Dry Primer- hair should not dry after this step.
  6. Sleek hair straight back and loop into a "U" shape. Secure with an elastic at the ponytail base- leave six inches out of the loop. This piece should stick out or up.
  7. Take down the two sections and apply Davines This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse throughout, blowdry though until dry to give hair some texture.
  8. Gather one section and twist hair until it creates a mini French twist, secure right about ear, and repeat on opposite side. These twists should not be perfect, they are meant to give contrast to the sleek, upper section.

GCDS: Downtown Updo

Inspiration: The S/S 2018 GCDS collection takes the downtown girl out of her element and transport her to the yacht club. Wearable knits and bright colors showcase Italian craftsmanship and technical fabrics, exuding equal parts sophistication and fun. The dichotomy plays out in a super messy ponytail with a twist.

How to:

  1. Start with a smooth, clean, and dry natural texture. Section from ear to ear and clip up the top section.
  2. Pull the bottom section into a high and tight ponytail. (Expert tip: from six-inches away, spray Davines This Is A Medium Hairspray in a swiping, upwards motion from the nape of the neck and brush the hair into a secure hold to tie up. This eliminates flyaways and looks sharp.)
  3. Tease the ponytail and brush it back out to give fullness to the texture.
  4. Take down the top section from the clip and pull out a half moon section at the front of the face, clip up the half moon.
  5. Divide mid-section into two equal parts and bring one section over the other to twist around the base of the ponytail until there is no more hair left to twist.
  6. Secure pieces with U-pins.
  7. For the half moon section, pull hair forward, comb down, and tease. Brush out.
  8. Apply Davines This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse to the root area and comb it only at the root. Blow dry down until dry and flat.
  9. Divide front section into a desired parting and blowdry back on a low speed for a wind swept feel.
  10. Finish the look with Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer for a matte finish.

KUHO: Lived-in Leisure

Inspiration: KUHO's S/S 2018 line derives meaning from the art of slowing down. The world is fast-paced and this season's KUHO woman creates contrast by knowing how to relax and enjoy. The hair look continues this idea and is a varying array of textures comprised of a sharp crimp and relaxed waves for a care-free consistency.

How to:

  1. Prep clean, wet hair by lightly misting with Davines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer. Blow dry smooth with a round brush- it doesn't need to be perfectly straight or even.
  2. In one- to two-inch sections, apply Davines This Is A Medium Hairspray throughout the length to add body.
  3. Use interchangeable techniques with a flat iron and assorted curling irons to add texture. Various techniques include: vertical twisted barrel curl, a flat "S" wave that is created by weaving the hair section though a flat iron in an "S" pattern and moving/twisting the length as the flat iron moves down, crimping, and wrapping the mid-section of the length around a curling wand and combing out.
  4. Finger-comb all hair and finish with a light misting of Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist followed by Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer

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