HOW-TO: Contrast Strobing - Balancing a Square Face Shape with Hair Color

Face definition continues to be a focus of makeup trends, and the contouring technique has started to evolve into strobing, which focuses on illuminating the face. This new way of sculpting the face fits better with consumer demand for natural and dewy looks, and helps boost illuminating, highlighting, and concealing claims within the makeup and skincare categories.

Traditionally a makeup concept, strobing and contouring have gone beyond the face. Lights and shadows can be played up on any surface to reveal its true beauty. We saw how contouring moved from the red carpets to our homes. And now, the time has come for strobing to do the same and move into new territory such as Hair Strobing.

Kadus Strobing composes new hair-coloring techniques that highlight a person’s best features from face to hair through to the total look.

In Contrast Strobing, the effects are placed asymmetrically into the hair in order to balance a square face shape. At the fringe, the strobing effect is placed in the middle of the hair strands to highlight the eyes and to soften the fringe area. Lighter shades are positioned around the jawline to accentuate the cheeks and one below to the right of the neck area to balance the total look.


STEP 1: Section as shown leaving out approx 1” of the hairline.

STEP 2: In Section 1, take back-to-back slices applying Formula A from approx 1” from the scalp to above the mid length to highlight the eyes and soften the fringe.

STEP 3: In Section 2, place the strobing effects around the jawline to highlight and to accentuate the cheekbone. Use diagonal sections and apply Formula A back-to-back in a diagonal application technique. Repeat the same technique on Section 3, adding another strobing effect approx. 2” below so that you end up with 2 highlighted areas on one strand of hair. This will accentuate the neckline. Process and treat with Visible Repair Shampoo & In-Salon Treatment. Towel Dry.

STEP 4: Section the hair in half from ear to ear and color the entire back section with Formula B. In the front, apply Formula B to the roots melting into Formula C in the lightened areas and transition back to Formula B at the ends.


STEP 1: On damp hair, apply Frizz Down Sleek Heat Protection Lotion to create a sleek and smooth look. 

STEP 2: Blow-dry the hair with a large round brush to achieve shine and smoothness.

STEP 3: Use a large curling iron at the sides to create soft movement around the face.  

STEP 4: Style the hair for the final look and spray with Spark Up Shine Spray. 

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