Carly Klein, national educator for Capillus, demos the Capillus cap.
Carly Klein, national educator for Capillus, demos the Capillus cap.

During the HAIR+ Summit in Atlanta, attendees participated in mainstage sessions focused on hair loss prevention, solutions, products, consultations and the scientific reasons why hair loss happens.

In an intimate breakout session, Capillus shared details on their Stylist Program, offering their laser therapy caps designed to prevent progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair.

“Up until recently, Capillus laser therapy caps were only cleared for sale by the FDA through medical professionals,” says Carly Klein, national educator for Capillus. “Our Stylist Program means we can now be sold through salons and stylists, too.”

For six minutes a day—for men and women—wearing the Capillus laser therapy cap is designed to stop hair loss, reverse the process of hair loss—reversing miniaturized hair to make them thicker—nourish fuller hair into making it look healthier, revitalizes damaged hair, and forces pigmentation back into the root.

HOW IT WORKS: Capillus laser therapy works through the process of photobiomodulation—similar to how plants convert light energy to product oxygen from carbon dioxide, cells on the scalp convert light energy from lasers into chemical energy to restore normal function in hair follicles. If caught in time, Capillus says, the photomodulation can reverse the process of hair loss in people with androgenetic alopecia by resorting cellular function at the cellular level of the hair follicle, restoring the hair follicle. 

When the cap is turned on, it stays on for the full six minutes. There are multiple caps, each with different price points, designed to work for different budgets. “If we cannot completely stop hair loss, we give 75% of the money back,” Klein says.

What to expect from Capillus:

0-3 months, clients are no longer shedding like they used to

3-6 months, decrease in hair loss and initial results

12 months, visible results and fuller appearance

24 months-most noticeable results and continued maintenance

Learn more about Capillus at or by calling 786-888-6249.

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