Michelle Moore Bell at last spring's breast cancer awareness event.
Michelle Moore Bell at last spring's breast cancer awareness event.

More than 200 women are expected to attend a day of inspiration, empowerment and celebration, along with breakfast, at the 16th Annual Breast & Whole Health Expo on Saturday, September 30, from 8:30am until 2:30pm at West Angeles Church in Los Angeles. Cosmetologists are welcome! Admission is free, but seating is limited and you can reserve your spot at Evite.

During the event, carrying the theme of “Take Care of You First,” you’ll be able to sign up for no-cost or low-cost mammograms. Presentations, lifestyle stations, product samples, informational materials, a dessert reception, door prizes and giveaways round out the activities. The buffet-style breakfast will be served by two firemen from Los Angeles County.

“It’s great to have two stations of firemen supporting us,” says Michelle Moore Bell of The Wellness Group, the sponsoring nonprofit organization established to inform, educate and empower underserved African American women throughout Los Angeles County on whole health awareness and healthy lifestyles.

A former salon owner, Bell is on a continuing mission to heighten breast cancer awareness in the African-American community. The group’s spring event, Breast Friends Glamour Tour, marked National Women’s Health Month by donating proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Los Angeles Affiliate from an event held with 10 participating salons on a busy Saturday in May.

“This was part of Komen’s Circle of Promise campaign,” Bell explains. “The owners and stylists of the L.A.-based salons empowered their clients with health information to help them to be proactive about breast health and a healthy lifestyle. Each salon created a t-shirt to wear, decorated their space and provided refreshments. It was a festive event! Clients were invited to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and attendees were scheduled for mammograms. Mostly we talked about being healthy. Watch your sugar and fat intake—diet has a lot to do with being healthy and avoiding diseases. Everyone truly appreciated the tips on healthy eating and how to do a breast self-exam.”

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