Not all business is good business.  Sometimes, for the good of the business, the good of the haircutter and the good of the client, it is time to fire a client.  Here are my top five tips for how to properly, respectfully and professionally fire a client.

Own it – It is your business.  It is your life. You are responsible.  Get out in front of the situation and do what needs to be done.  Take ownership of your business, your stress level and your mental health.

Sooner than later – Do not postpone the inevitable.  If a client needs to be cut loose the sooner you get it done the better it is for everyone involved.

It is not you it is me – Make it personal.  Make it about you not them.  Choose your wording carefully. “I can no longer cut your hair” as opposed to “’you can no longer be a client here”.  Keep it simple.  No need to go deep into messy details.

Offer options – Do not just cast them to the wind.  Offer another haircutter.  Offer up a referral to another shop.  Perhaps even offer to pay for their first visit to another establishment.  Show respect, but set boundaries.  Gently place them on the other side of the boundary.

Done is done – Once it is done close the book on the topic and move on.  There should be zero discussion of the client and the need to separate them on the floor in the shop.  Address the issue in private with team members as needed and then it is over.

Have you ever had to fire a client?  How did it go?  Share your stories with me.  We can all learn from these situations.

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