The Pravana team: Vice President of Marketing Tania Kingsrud, Taylor Rae Clark, Kayla Boyer,...

The Pravana team: Vice President of Marketing Tania Kingsrud, Taylor Rae Clark, Kayla Boyer, Pravana Founder Steve Goddard, Pravana Public Relations Manager Alanna Littlepage, Pravana SVP of Sales and Education Michelle Chandler, Presley Poe, Jordan Yanatos, and Neal Malek

 When Steve Goddard founded Pravana, he wanted to create a company that avoided some of the pitfalls of large corporate structures and, instead, develop a nimble, quick-to-respond culture that thrived on innovation. Today, Pravana continues to introduce breakthroughs to the marketplace, most recently heat-sensitive “Mood” colors to their Vivids range for a limited time. And to keep pace with stylist’s demand, Pravana education continues to grow under the direction of key team members: Director of Digital Marketing, Caisa Airmet, Product Development Manager, Lissette Cruz, SVP of Sales and Education, Michelle Chandler and Director of Education, Dee Mefford.   On the day before Mood colors officially launched, MODERN spoke with Airmet and Cruz about how their educators reach the stylists and about their Color Collective, a small team of talented colorists who caught their eye on social media. 

 Within the full scope of education, the educators walk-into a variety of doors on behalf of Pravana and are either elite educators, brand ambassadors, brand specialists or members of the Color Collective. Education, like so many initiatives, is a group effort and when it comes to working with their Color Collective, everyone puts their heads together to determine how to best utilize this uber-talented team.

 “Team direction for Color Collective is a collaborative decision from Pravana marketing,” Airmet says. “Department heads from marketing, public relations, social media, new product development and education meet often to determine the curriculum and communication.”

 While Color Collective members came to Pravana’s attention via social media and through their annual “Show Us Your Vivids” competition, the core group of Pravana educators go through a more traditional interview process. Stylists submit examples of their work, a video and, if invited, must attend training events that include comprehensive color theory, product knowledge, as well as presentation and social media skills. Chandler, Cruz and Mefford are the trio that directs these educators.  “Once you become a Pravana educator, how you will represent the brand is determined by your knowledge, ability to present and leadership,” Cruz says. “The more people we have out on in the field, the better hairdressers will become. They will use the product better, their results will be better, and they will have the necessary information to pass around.”

 The Color Collective members are placed throughout the country and each has a definite personality which Pravana picked up on.  “Instagram has really become a resume for stylists these days, and we absolutely research profiles and watch videos to determine if style and voice fits our brand,”Airmet says. “Color Collective members are essentially brand representatives for Pravana, and we truly look for the full package. Our members are creative, team players, well-spoken, social influencers. Pravana is a small team doing big things; we act as a family and Color Collective is an extension of that family so we take a lot of time and do a lot of research to make sure it’s a good fit.”

 Presley Poe is head colorist for the team, offering leadership and advanced education. Pravana marketing meets to determine which Color Collective artist would be best suited for the many places people are clamoring to see Pravana and they sometimes team a brand ambassador with a Color Collective member for special events.

 Anyone interested in learning more about Pravana’s education efforts or becoming part of the team could take a page from Color Collective member Taylor Rae’s playbook. She studied what Pravana did on Instagram, what type of photos they posted, how watermarks were displayed and followed suit, hashtagging #Pravana with her work.

 “Artists can feel free to contact us at,” Airmet says. “Social media platforms have become so large and we absolutely want to hear from stylists.  No closed doors over here. If you feel you are a great candidate for the team, let us know why. We’d love to meet you.”

 Pravana Color Collective at a glance:

 Presley Poe @presleypoe, Portland, OR

 Poe has advanced Pravana education and has been selected to act as Head Colorist for the Color Collective.

 Jay Rua@jayrua_glam, Las Vegas, NV

 Rua, a salon owner, has been a long-time user of the Pravana ChromaSilk line. He films and edits his own widely-viewed educational videos for Instagram.

 Jordan Yanatos@pinupjordan, Scotia, NY

 Yanatos has her own salon specializing in mermaid makeovers with Pravana Vivids shades. 

 Taylor Rae @taylorrae_hair, Denver, CO

 Rae is skilled with photography which carries over into her social media, and has a vast knowledge of Pravana. 

 Kayla Boyer@kayla_boyer, Minneapolis, MN

 Boyer was recently featured by THE Instagram, the first hairstylist to be featured on their page.

 Neal Malek@nealmhair, Orlando, FL

 Malek was the winner of Pravana’s 2016 “Show Us Your Vivids” Contest. He is known for his incredible color combinations.

 Chita Beseau@chitabeseau, Las Vegas, NV

 Beseau also came to Pravana’s attention through “Show Us Your Vivids” and is applauded for her work with pastel shades.



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