Hair Color: Jacquelyn Hastings @jacquelynmarieh; Hair Style: James Gartner...

Hair Color: Jacquelyn Hastings @jacquelynmarieh; Hair Style: James Gartner  @gartnerjames; Makeup: Jessica Brown @dollface_mubyjess

Balay Powder plus Guy Tang #mydentity metallic hair color equals the perfect paint for lowlight balayage guaranteed to bring the sparkle to any holiday celebration.

Natural Level 8 regrowth
Midstrands previously lifted to a level 9
Ends previously lifted to a level 10
Formula 1: Guy Tang Mydentity 2.0 oz 7RG Demi + 4.0 oz 6 vol + .75 oz BalayPowder
Formula 2: Guy Tang Mydentity 2.0 oz 8SS Demi + 4.0 oz 6 vol + .75 oz BlayaPowder

Section the front two quads based on where the hair typically is parted. The back will be sectioned into three sections. Crown and back quads. Subsections will be taken at diagonal angles like Guy Tang's Diamonds in the sky technique and elevated as you apply.
STEP 2: Using formula 1, take the first diagonal subsections around hairline and and apply in sweeping motions with the Balay Tools Balayage Chip Brush. Starting in the mid strand and carefully moving closer to the root to blend the line of demarcation between her natural regrowth and the previously lightened hair. Be sure to balayage the underneath to blend the hairline and any harsh lines in the product. Apply product all the way to the ends.
STEP 3: As you move up through the diagonal sections you will alternate sections and apply as such:
I - All Formula 1 from regrowth to ends
II - Formula 1 into formula 2 on the ends
III - Formula 2 from regrowth to ends
Note: The front hairline is sectioned out and is specifically is section style III
STEP 4: Process for 25 minutes
STEP 5: Shampoo and Condition and style as desired.


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