Andreas Kurkowitz, owner of Andreas Kurkowitz Coloring Studio, Berlin, Germany, was recently named Wella Professionals Global Colour Ambassador. The artist behind the scenes for major designers including Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Celine among others, is also known for his editorial and advertising campaigns and Vogue covers. He is now bringing his expertise to colorists around the world through this international platform.

At a recent press event in London, Kurkowitz was on hand to share his thoughts about hair color and trends – and working with icon Eugene Souleiman. 

“People are much more open to color these days,” says Kurkowitz when asked if Europeans are coloring their hair differently from their US counterparts. Acknowledging that trends have become more global, he sees the trend to fashion color is more influenced by social media and that today’s client is more open to color than ever before. “I mix and match techniques,” he says, adding that he uses a variety including balayage and foils. "Everything is personalized."

For inspiration, Kurkowitz is looking more to the men’s grooming area and barbering. “We’re not seeing as many strong cuts these days on women,” he says. “For men, there is more variety and stronger looks. I am interested in what is going in that area.”

Kurkowitz shares that his training has come from many artists, but gives a shout out to Sassoon European Colour Director Peter Dawson, and adds that much of his influence has come from the Sassoon team. When asked about Annie Humphries who was just recognized by Wella Professionals for role in elevating the status of the hair colorist, Kurkowitz says “Annie is an icon.”

Working with Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Director of Care & Styling, says Kurkowitz, “Should be a lot of fun. I met him a couple years ago and we always had a good relationship. He is proper artist - lots of inspiration and vision  He is always trying to push things, like ‘Let’ try with this this designer,’ even though he didn’t ask for it.  We try things and show it. Even if they don’t take it at least we tried. He is open to trying things. He’s just so much fun and such a character, and so down to earth.” 

Andreas Kurkowitz is a star but totally down to earth himself. Check out this short video to see how he answers 2 questions : The difference between the “contouring” and “nontouring” trends, and what tips he would have on how to reach fame in the hair coloring world:


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