Gilded Geometric: Vertical Geometric Color from L'Anza

A vertical color design has a dramatic feel. When L’anza shades are placed back-to-back, you can take even the boldest tones and achieve something beautiful, soft and seamless.

Formula & Application:
Natural level was pre-lightened to a level 9
Formula 1: 25 g Vibes Red + 5 g Vibes Smoke
Formulas 2a–2i: 5 g each of Vibes Yellow, Orange, Smoke, Clear, Magenta, Blue, Red, Teal and Violet

1. Create a pinwheel sectioning starting at the high point of head.
2. Release the first section and apply Formula 1 in vertical foils, leaving
out the last 1-1 ½ inches at the ends. Using Formulas 2a–2i, paint on
small dabs of different tones for a dimensional effect. Work all around
the entire head. Process 20 minutes, rinse foils carefully and completely,
then shampoo and condition.

Hair: Leah Freeman
Photographer: Richard Monsieurs
Makeup: Lizette Zlogar

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