Indigo Tribe: Light Blue and Peach Formula from Matrix

For those who are in “mood indigo,” lighter shades, along with peach, linger when placed
against light blonde with these Matrix shades.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 8, medium blonde
Formula 1: 1 scoop Light Master + ½ oz Oil Additive with ½ oz 20-volume Matrix Cream Developer and
Bond Ultim8 Matrix
Formula 2: 1 oz Color Sync 10P with 1 oz 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer & Bond Ultim8 Matrix
Formula 3: Colorgraphics Clear + Teal (2:1)
Formula 4: Colorgraphics Light Indigo (2:1)
Formula 5: Colorgraphics Light Peach (2:1)

1. Use Formula 1 to prelighten the hair to pale yellow. Rinse and apply BOND Ultim8 Step 2 for
10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Apply Formula 2 from base to ends. Process up to 20 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and dry.
3. Apply Formulas 3-5 creatively, using vertical subsections throughout fringe and horizontal placement through the sides. Process up to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Hair: Danielle Keasling, Salon Karma in Bluffton SC, Matrix US artistic director and global ambassador
Photographer: Joseph Cartright
Makeup: Tatyana Kharkova
Wardrobe: Colleen McCann

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