Candy Bowl: Purple and Orange Color Scheme by Aveda

In sweet potato farms, crops come in a myriad of colors. The shadings are pastel and fun. Here, Aveda recreates the color scheme on a disconnected bowl cut.

Formula & Application:
Natural level-3 regrowth with level-10 midlengths and ends.

Formula 1: 40 g Enlightener with 80 ml 20-volume Color Catalyst
Formula 2: 20 g Enlightener + 20 g Universal ØN with 40 ml 20-volume catalyst
Formula 3: Full Spectrum Color, 5 g 12 Natural + 15 g Universal ØN + 1 g Light B/B + 2 g light R/V with 46 ml 10-volume catalyst
Formula 4: 5 g 12 Natural + 15 Universal ØN + 3 g Light O/Y + 1 g Light R/V with 52 ml 10-volume catalyst
Formula 5: 5 g 12 Natural + 15 g Universal ØN + 3 g Light R/V with 52 ml 10-volume catalyst

1. Apply Formula 1 from the regrowth to midlengths. Immediately apply Formula 2 from midlength to ends. Process until pale yellow; rinse, shampoo, condition and blow dry.
2. Divide hair into three sections using a circular pattern. Section A moves from the hairline to 1 inch into hair around the head. Section B is the 1- to 3-inch mid-section around the head. Section C is the crown section. With sections B and C clipped out of the way, apply Formula 3 to section A from base to ends.
3. Take Section B down. Clip section C back and away, and apply formula 4 from base to ends. Isolate with foil.
4. Unclip remaining hair (section C) and apply Formula 5 from base to ends. Process 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

Color, style and cut: Lenneth Lim, Hair Atelier SP
Photography: Courtesy of Aveda

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