Switchback: Copper Color Formula from Aloxxi

The power of Aloxxi copper provides an aura of energy, as well as confidence at work or play.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 6

Formula 1: 30 g White Lightener with 60 g 20-volume developer
Formula 2: 30 g Andiamo 7C with 30 g 20-volume developer
Formula 3: 30 g Tones 8K + 30 g 7G with 60 g 7-volume Tones activator

1. Using Formula 1, place two back-to-back slices as you work in a zigzag pattern, diagonally across the top.
2. Then apply Formula 2 to the base and to all remaining hair. Process 10 minutes, rinse and apply ColourLock Post-Color Finisher.
3. Apply Formula 3 all over as a glaze. Process 20 minutes, rinse and finish.

Hair: Rocco, Marilyn Cole and Peggy Wright
Photographer: Dorit Thies
Makeup: Noel Nichols
Wardrobe: Lisa Peckham
Color Personality: Baroque His Heart

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