Enriched Pastel: Pink and Fuschia Color from Schwarzkopf

Enriched pastels are bright and bold. This Schwarzkopf Professional look releases creativity with an alluring pastel palette, which is intensified with on-trend, hidden fuchsia panels.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 9

Formula 1: Igora ColorWorx Intense Fuchsia
Formula 2: 10 parts Igora ColorWorx White Diluter + 1 part Igora ColorWorx Intense Fuchsia

1. For a deeper color palette on all the hair below the head‘s curvature, apply Formula 1 in a color-blocking technique.
2. To add a translucent pastel shade, use Formula 2 in the top crown. Process up to 20 minutes and judge the results by eye or until you have reached your desired tonal shade. Rinse and condition.


Color: Jeffrey Robert
Style and makeup: Jana Pätzold and Susanna Jonas
Photographer: Gerd Bayer

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